You should do squats!

Sport Sports The Squat Squats Stretching GIf I had to pick only 1 weight training exercise which builds overall lean muscle mass and increases strength, it would need to be squats.

However, it’s important to understand how to squat properly.

Having good form and technique is imperative to get the most benefit and to prevent injury. It’s not a tricky exercise to do, and I recommend it to anyone.

Some of these I’ve researched and a few are from my experience of squatting through the years.

People still have a misconception about weightlifting and believe that they are meant just for pro athletes and bodybuilders.

That is not true; squatting is acceptable for anybody, both female and male, that are interested in building lean muscle and burning fat in addition to improving their health.

It’s particularly ideal for the women that want a good pair of legs and a sexy butt.

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Alright, back to what I was saying earlier…

When you consider it, everyone, whether they realize it or not, all of us have to sit down, stand up and pick up something off the ground.

We never consider making these movements. Our bodies are programmed to do these things ever since we were children.

Squats, when done correctly, is the ideal compound exercise for building mass in addition to increasing strength and size in the body.

Before I get into the 20 reasons why you should squat, I’d love to discuss my squatting story…

I recall when I first took up squatting at the fitness center. I used to squat with poor form for weeks without realizing what I was doing wrong.

Lucky enough, two men rushed over and could catch the bar in time. This was a result of terrible form and not setting myself up to do them correctly.

Not only did I have lousy form, once I squatted, I did not go all of the way down, afterall, it is the deep squat which disturbs your glutes and hamstring muscles to it’s full potential.

I still see men at the gym, with terrible form and typically point out the mistakes that they make and the proper way to perform them. Usually appreciate my advice.

So men, save yourself the time of causing an accident. Trying to impress your gym buddy, is not worthwhile, unless you know what you are doing.

For additional security, you can also do your squats on a smith machine. So if you’re a beginner, then I propose squatting on a smith machine until you get used to doing them correctly.

Most good gyms have a smith machine, where the pub is connected within steel railings, for extra safety.

This will prepare you for when you are ready to perform them on a squat rack.

I believe one of the primary reasons why some folks avoid doing squats is since they’re terrified of risking the possibility of getting injured.

But if you learn how to do them properly, not only will it increase muscle mass on your lower body, but it will do them same for your upper body.

It doesn’t matter whether you would like to shed weight, Broward County Rat Removal, build muscle or increase strength, squatting can help you attain all these goals as long as you remain consistent and goal to lift heavy frequently.

I wouldn’t advise doing squats over twice per week. So recover is vital.

If you continue exercising the very same muscles every day, you are not giving them time to recuperate and could do some damage if your not careful.

If you are a skinny guy and you want to build muscle, a great start is to do five sets of five, in your own body weight. Once you can reach a point where you are able to lift your own body weight, you may gradually increase the weight as you get comfortable lifting heavier.

It’s a huge achievement when you know you can lift more than your own body weight. That is how you know you’re getting stronger every week.

Once you’re able to lift heavier weight every week, you may feel motivated so you look forward to your next squat session.

1. Increase Size And Power In Your Complete Body

When you squat, you’ll also build muscle on your hamstrings, quads and calves. Due to the high quantity of HGH released, you’ll also build strength and size in the rest of the body.

The reason this occurs is because when you perform a squat the appropriate manner, your body is forced to naturally raise its anabolic hormones which will cause other muscle groups to get bigger faster the next time you train them.

2. Improves Circulation In Your Body

Squat exercises get the blood flow in your whole body and improves your health all around.

3. Boost Testosterone & Growth Hormones

Exercises such as squats and dead-lifts release vital growth hormones that give rise to muscle growth and strength gain in the whole body.


Squats hit your whole core muscles from every angle, so it provides you every reason to do them if you would like killer abs.

5. Improve Flexibility

Squatting will also raise hip flexibility. A good deal of people carry plenty of stress in their hips as they have awful posture so that they feel the need to sit down more frequently.

6. Ideal for Burning Fat

The majority of the muscle you gain from squatting heavy will come from your lower body, and the muscle that you obtain the more fat you will burn.


As soon as you understand how to perform squats properly, not only will it prevent harm, but it will also strengthen your joints also. When you squat down, with all that weight on the bar, you’re engaging your ankle, knee and hip joints at exactly the exact same time.

8. It’s useful For Improving Daily Tasks

What I mean by this is the fact that it makes your everyday tasks easier, like if you’re carrying groceries’ house or lifting or moving furniture in your home. Therefore it makes your body safer during real world actions.

9. Reduce The Risk of Being Injured

Squatting is a safe exercise; after they’re done correctly it will lessen the possibility of injury. Because as you enlarge the thickness of each squat, you will increase strength in your quad muscles which will also allow you do perform other chemical exercises without difficulty.


It does not matter what game you do; you will need to be squatting. It’s vital to have a strong lower body, whether you are doing swimming, playing basketball or tennis.


Squats are excellent for increasing your rate of force development that’s important if you would like to have the ability to jump high. I discovered barbell jump squats a excellent way to improve vertical jump.


I am a strong believer that squats enhance strength, stability and efficiency when it comes to doing additional weighted exercises like bench press, deadlifts and even pull-ups. I find that it gives you that extra advantage over that is crucial when you’re trying to squeeze out one final repetition, when you have reached failure.


It makes no difference if you’re male or female. Squats will provide you a excellent set of legs and buttocks. So women, If you would like to trigger those butt muscles, do deep squats with a wide stance so that it provides your buttocks a better workout.


For those who are ashamed of having skinny legs, like I had. When you squat heavy, it will slowly build muscle on your calves.


All it requires is a barbell or a pair pair of dumbbells. You don’t need to buy them brand new.


According to research, studies indicate that sprinters can boost their paychecks occasions by a substantial degree as a consequence of squatting.


Not only will you gain size and strength in your legs, squats will also boost your performance capability to run faster and jump higher.

18. There Are More Than 1 Variation Of Squats

Not just the standard bodybuilders squats where you put a barbell above your shoulders. You can do barbell squats, kettlebell squats, wall squats, plie squat and squat front squats.

19. You May Squat Just About Anywhere You Like

You don’t need to be in the gym to squat, and you do not even require gym equipment. You can do them at home, at the beach.

If you do a Google search for “Squat with no gear, I am positive you will find a great deal of variations. Consider performing 100 bodyweight squats, and I am positive that you will feel the effects from it. Even 50 is great enough.


Aside from dead-lifts, squats are a mainstream exercise which uses more muscles in the body.

Now you’ve read all of the reasons why you should squat, it is time to include squats to your next workout. It doesn’t matter whether you are a pro bodybuilder or a beginner, you can begin

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