Showing him you care

Old Couple Old Senior Couple Happy Love ReOK, we could be downright unbearable sometimes!

I am stealing that phrase for union – “If you need a lover, be a lover.” “If you need a friend, be a friend.” “If you would like to be encouraged, be an encourager!”

Take those phrases to center as you go through this list of 51 pointers to help encourage your spouse to be the best for you and your union!

Do not nag if he messes up, or has not performed up to your expectations.

Leave notes in his drawers.

Leave notes in his vehicle.

Send him messages through email or text during the day.

Massage his neck or back.

Love and love him before he gets it right.

Never bad mouth him to your children.

Start to attempt to understand (possibly enjoy) what he loves – such as sports, cars or Raccoon Removal Vero Beach, FL!

Do not rub it in his face when you’re right, and he’s wrong.

Even when the “Big Game” bores you, or you just “do not get it” – sit and watch.

Tell him he is a fantastic father.

Tell him he is an excellent lover.

Tell him he’s your very best friend.

Show up at his workplace in nothing but an overcoat. (Ok, perhaps you can not do that one too readily, but you can…)

Show up in his office with a gift that others would have the ability to notice on his desk. Not flowers – but possibly a cool framed pic of the both of you?

Listen to him when he speaks.

Make your bedroom a safe haven the two of you can appreciate.

Tell him what’s in your mind – if he’s up for it!

Bubble Bath.

Use six words: “I love you more every day”.

Use seven words: “I think you’re SO SEXY honey!” .

Use eight words: “God has blessed me with a terrific husband!”

Be dessert.

Let him enjoy time with his buddies.

Be quick to apologize if you mess up.

Touch him more frequently.

Kiss him as he walks out the door.

Learn about his job.

Buy him his favorite: cigar, candy, toy. . .etc!

Take him into a lingerie shop and let him pick what he likes on you.

I know a list such as this can be daunting. I’d encourage you though to print it off, highlight the ones you want to try, and apply one or two into your life. Then, after a little, try another bunch. I’d really like to hear what happens on your marriage!

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